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Urwerk UR-210: with indication of the winding efficiency...

August 11, 2014

The watch brand of avant-garde Urwerk goes further. Indeed, not content to be among the most futuristic in design and time display, the UR-210 proposes to 'communicate' with its owner. Thus, a flag indicates the efficiency of the reassembly of your timepiece during the last two hours... To stay healthy, we need movement. Wind your watch... to move also!

Known move is good for your health. But it is also your daily activity that helps your watch - provided that it is equipped with a gauge mechanical automatic-be escalated... Only here... Our lives tend to become more sedentary. While travelling to the other side of the world, but it no longer moves enough, it is no longer enough exercises. And this lack of activity detrimental to our health and may also prove to be insufficient in an optimal reassembly of your favorite shows...

The UR-210 has integrated this setting... "It embodies the symbiotic relationship between the human being and his. This humanized machine will tell you more about yourself than any other object in your possession"assures Martin Frei, one of the two creators of the brand.

More concretely, the dial of the UR-210 is illustrated to 1 h, a classic power reserve indication. Its opposite, at 11: 00, we found almost the same light Swiss replica watches. Have the indications duplicated for a double check? No, this device is behind a new measure, a first world. It indicates the efficiency of reassembling during the last two hours of the watch door.

Are you comfortably nestled in your chair without moving? Reassembly is then insufficient and this indicator needle will irresistibly tend towards red. If you resume a long-term activity, the indicator will point in the green zone, sign that you sell again your watch in energy. "This unprecedented measure, unlike a torque indicator, is not defined by the tension of the mainspring but is 'calculated' through the reassembly of the movement and effective energy expenditure ratio" says the mark in its release.

Once this information has been brought to your attention, you are able to intervene. If your UR-210 indicates an insufficient energy intake, you can position the regulator (located on the back of the watch) reassembly on FULL The rotor will then convert the slightest gesture into pure energy. In this configuration, the winding is powered by a turbine coupled to the oscillating weight, thus ensuring optimum reassembly and smoothly.

Reassembly is too intense and fatigue unnecessarily mechanism? Position the adjustment on 'REDUCED' wheel and clamping of the rotor system is taking place. A pale mounted on jewels, such as an air compressor, turbine turns on and internally creates a resistance, a sufficient air friction to slow the mass of automatic winding.

Back side of the UR-210... Featured, a minute hand 3D proportions outside the norm that presents itself as a high-tech fairing. Its function? Enclose the plot of the hours throughout his journey on the rail of the minutes. This trip time of one hour, this shift from 60 minutes on a 120 ° arc is done gently and smoothly.

But the true nature of the piece reveals itself at the end of the 59th minute. A "clac" dry and distinct brand in less than 1/10th of a second, the return of the structure to its point of departure, that to support the following hours plot. This retrograde a lightning fast system is based on three key elements.

the central axis ensures perfect stability of the mechanism Tag heuer carrera. Hunted on Ruby, it is the rock on which any complication comes take support. A cylindrical spring of spiral type of running along this axis marine chronometer generates the voltage required for the retrograde motion.

The minute hand atypical - real fairing of the plot of the hours - display measurements out of the ordinary. Its present highly precise cutting tolerances to hundredths of a millimetre. This metal fascia is a total weight of 0.302 g for measurements of dream (8.03 mm x length 22.29 mm x height 7.30 mm width). Forged in aluminium, its perfect balance is ensured by a brass counterweight.

Says Felix Baumgartner, one of the creators of the mark: after the submission of our UR-1001, the Zeit Device, we wanted to again work with impressive volumes. The minute hand which forms the core of the UR-210 is not large, it is giant. It is massive and yet it requires an extreme finesse of execution. This three-dimensional needle includes truly each plot hours, she swallows it, absorbs it, which requires a machining quality of which we can be proud because all parts of the complication are machined in-house.

And Martin Frei to add: "plus any other URWERK, UR-210 calls the look. It is an almost magnetic attraction, the eye is inevitably drawn to this energy meter. The UR-210 is more truly a watch but indeed a mechanism living grafted to your wrist. We nicknamed our UR - 210, the Maltese Falcon as it materializes a diffuse and totally abstract concept: it is made of the material from which dreams are made of.

And Felix Baumgartner to conclude "the UR-210 is a new achievement for URWERK. This creation opens a new chapter in the evolution of the complications that we develop. This is more just to measure a universal value of new way but to establish a real dialogue between the watch and its possessor. The UR-210 displays personal action, yours and those of other person.

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